She likes Russian Pop.

She got a proper telling-off.

A fire broke out on the second floor of the building.

Christophe is repairing his car.

In the autumn, the leaves on the trees become yellow.

The end of the task is not yet in mind.

He felt sure that market is not necessarily free and open.

You remind me of my daughter.

The sheriff said the victim was carjacked at gunpoint on Park Street.

She put the picture back in his hand.

Do you know John's father died of a heart attack?

So what happened here?

Moran doesn't know what he should do.

People don't say that anymore.

Man is the only animal that learns by being hypocritical. He pretends to be polite and then, eventually, he becomes polite.

Carole and I argued with each other about what we should do.

Can you mail this letter for me?

Shirley had a new house built last year.


You're inflexible.

That path is apt to be muddy after rain.

Don't make me shoot you.

This dictionary contains not more than 20,000 words.

I'm going to ask Dan out.

This morning the weather is dreadful.

You will not get away with this.

I'm beside myself with joy.

Fred should be very careful while crossing the road.

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Christina worked up an appetite.


I want new business cards.

Don't look so suspicious.

The rice is already harvested.

I shouldn't have to tell you to do your homework.

Cookies are delicious.

A flock of birds whirled across the sky.

We weren't expecting you this early.


We only won one game.


Roberto did what he should do.

Why did Johnnie want you here?

She ran outside half-naked.

The victims were innocent men, women and children from the United States and many other nations who had done nothing to harm anybody. And yet Al Qaeda chose to ruthlessly murder these people, claimed credit for the attack, and even now states their determination to kill on a massive scale.

We have no water.

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.

I never said I believed Pia.

Their marriage simmered with discontentment and unspoken anger.

That factory is for the manufacture of computers.

He has changed his clothing style.

I'll be down in a minute.


Barney didn't learn to drive until he was thirty.

Mats told me just the opposite.

She didn't suspect anything.

We make men's and women's clothing.

That's what happened to me.

It will get warmer and warmer.

An individual has rights and responsibilities.


"You don't mind, do you?" - "Of course I don't."


That sort of flattery will get you nowhere.


I would like to see that.

Curt lives in Australia.

That's the ideal.


It's been dismantled.

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This color is a bit darker than that one.


"Can I ask you for a bit of a favor?" "It depends on what the favor is."


I've just finished lunch.


Voyager 2, a space probe, passed within 4900 kilometers of Neptune in 1989.

I don't think I can keep that promise.

Jinchao didn't plan on talking to anyone.

We argued with something of the purpose in the life about.

I know you've been waiting a long time, but could you wait just a little bit longer?

Anatoly was expecting a kiss, so he leaned forward and puckered his lips.

Do you think it's safe to go into this cave?

Maybe Vice should pay more attention in class.

Manuel certainly is smart.

Reiner doesn't have a ticket.

Nobody's asking you for money.

She has a marvelous sense of humor.

Next year is the devil's joke.


In the practice of the Great Way, all under Heaven was public.


I let Matt sleep until noon.


Would it be possible for me to get a cup of coffee?

Hurf doesn't know what Bea expects from him.

I don't know what the plan is.


I have something to trade.

I'd rather not take any medicine if I can avoid it.

I shouldn't have to put up with this noise.


I've always enjoyed playing tennis with Jorge.


Martian colonists initially opted to build habitats underground and in domed enclosures.

Adam doesn't like that kind of music.

I fear for my life.

That would really make Vivek happy.

Shel came all the way from Boston.

She has a heated swimming pool.

Jiri threatened me.

The policeman gave me a sign stop.

Please contact us now.

Where is Ole's classroom?

"I can give her no greater power than she has already," said the woman; "don't you see how strong that is?"

Merat spoke to the person sitting next to him on the train.

What were you doing when I saw you?


One explains the other.

I have 1,500 head of cattle.

Darryl is driving back to Boston and should be there by 2:30.

Elisabeth is waiting for you at the bar.

These are probably yours.

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Jimmy complained that he didn't have enough time to read.

Impulsiveness is the devil.

It is cold all year round here.


You had better do your homework at once.


I did something similar.

He started in spite of the rain.

They drank tea with lemon, for his nagging cough, with his usual lump and a half of sugar.

Farmers work hard in the winter, too.

They have black hair.

She poured me a cup of tea.

Would you like to go on a trip together?

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I forgot that the daylight saving time ended last week.

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What is she like?


I recommend that you call your mother.

It is always the darkest just before the Day dawneth.

Since I'm no longer young, I can't do that anymore.

Eric wasn't at all satisfied.

Why does he hate me?


I love the flowers you sent me.

It is difficult to speak in public.

You have to go home.

Phil could hear the television blaring in the background.

When do I get what I want?

Why do you look so tired today?

What you did is immoral.

My old job was extremely boring.

I have to look after this cat.

Telegraph us when you get to Boston.

She speaks Spanish well.


The world has become a dangerous place for tourists.

It's a pleasant day, isn't it?

Why don't we flip a coin?

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Well, guys, not bad for a number two driver, eh?

"These cars are yours?" "Yes, they're mine."

Why is that baby crying?

Jack can speak French.

There's a big difference between reading for pleasure and stimulation and reading for knowledge and education.

Smile and be happy!

Google fnord loves you.


Amigo wants to know how he can lose weight.

I'm very fat.

I still need more training.

It's considered a great honor.

Don't include annotations as part of sentences.

You can't open a window on a plane.

I'll shoot.

When did you move to Boston?

He'd prefer not to eat that.

This is going to get ugly.

In the war, many people died young.

I can't listen to stupid people.

My uncle has made me what I am today.

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If you take this medicine, you will feel better.

Don't buy it.

Does she work hard?


You poor thing.

He's a wonderful educator.

I think you've been punished enough.

You said you wanted to know.

Hume's hardly got a good word to say about his brother.


Where's Lanzarote?


Why did it take so long?